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The Interdisciplinary Program of Arts & Design Technology offered by the Graduate School of Chonnam National University engages in education and research of a variety of planning and production of field-oriented contents in various fields, including new media art, interaction design, art marketing, and digital media management by combining culture and arts with intelligent technologies (AR/VR, big data, AI, 3D printing, etc.) and aims to foster design convergence talents who will resolve various industrial and social issues. Newly established in September 2020, this program offers three different degree programs: master's, doctorate, and the integrated master's and PhD.

AI robot-Based
Engineering Contents

AR/VR Content/
Interaction Content

Participatory Content
Using Culture Technology

Health-Promoting Contents
In Healthcare Service Industry

Public Service Contents of
Cultural Experiences

Major and Degree Name

Division Major Degree(Korean) Degree(English)
Interdisciplinary Program of Arts & Design Technology Major in Digital Arts 미술학 석사 Master of Fine Arts
미술학 박사 Doctor of Philosophy in Fine Arts
Major in Human Interaction Design 디자인학 석사 Master of Design
디자인학 박사 Doctor of Philosophy in Design

Educational Objectives

We seek to discover ①intelligent culture and arts content convergence talents in local hubs and ②human care service professionals specializing in creating shared values to tackle and resolve regional issues as a preemptive response to rapidly changing society.

Through this, we are going to foster "right design convergence talents who will benefit our human life" and who will encourage research into social contributory culture and artis contents and create community values for the region and the country by securing the creative education and research initiatives of the regional hub university and promoting value-adding research and activities in culture technology industry, one of the key regional industries.

Professional Careers after Graduation

Major in Digital Arts Convergence content curator, content fab creator, technical art director, media technology content producer/planner, digital artist, entertainment director, virtual reality exhibition planner, culture and arts research institute content creator, digital arts convergence educator, media facade, visual effects (VFX) and hologram content planning/production, game and 3D animation producer, etc.
Major in Human Interaction Design Smart healthcare coordinator, data manager, opening start-ups using intellectual property rights and copyrights, big data curator, medical big data scientist, digital cartographer, technology-based venture start-ups, public service designer, social media consultant, local contents creator, art & culture product designer, eye-tracking programmer, art trend planner, AI software and related application developer, design consultant, special effects designer, wearable device design and system developer, UI/UX designer, other product convergence interaction designer, etc.

Address and Contact Information

Department of Interdisciplinary Program of Arts & Design Technology Room No. 100, College of Arts Bldg. 2, Chonnam National University, 77 Yongbong-ro, Buk-gu, Gwangju

Tel +82-62-530-3090 / Fax +82-62-530-3089